Fiduciary Accounting & Tax Software

ONESOURCE Trust & Estate Administration software modules work together as an integrated system or can be used independently as standalone products to meet your individual needs.

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Software Modules:

Fiduciary Accounting

Handle all known transactions, including dividend and capital gain reinvestment, short sales, exercise of options, spin-offs, taxable and nontaxable exchanges, and more. Read more about the Fiduciary Accounting.

State Accounting Formats

National Standard 
National Standard for Guardianship/Conservatorship 


New Hampshire 
New Jersey 
New York 
North Carolina 
Rhode Island 

Fiduciary Accounting Report Samples

706 for Federal and State Inheritance/Estate Tax

The 706 module enables you to automatically calculate tax returns, including prior transfer credit, foreign death tax credit, generation-skipping transfer taxes, and more. Read more about the 706 module.

1041 for Federal and State Fiduciary Income Tax

Prepare, review and file federal and state fiduciary income tax return forms and schedules. Automate most tax functions, from loss limitations to DNI allocations among beneficiaries, and calculate the tax return as you work. Read more about the 1041 module.

709 for Federal Gift Tax

Generate federal gift tax returns quickly and easily. All calculations are done as you work. Read more about the 709 module.

Fiduciary Calendar

The Fiduciary Calendar module provides a detailed calendar/checklist composed of several specific ticklers, as well as a general calendar designed for the management of trust and estate deadlines. Read more about the Fiduciary Calendar module.

zCalc Estate Planner

The Estate Planner is a suite of analytical products and tools that enhance your ability to create, analyze, and present powerful tax and estate planning strategies. It provides vivid reports, graphs, and presentations that help walk clients through the estate planning process. Read more about the Estate Planner module.

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